Failure Is Not An Exit Strategy
The Contrarian Approach to Common Leadership Challenges
by Stephen E Heusinger


"Steve takes some of the most demanding business situations and illustrates how his unique style of leadership can consistently turn around struggling organizations and find hidden opportunities for operational and economic success."

- Alex Ramsey, CEO Lodestar Universal

Failure is Not an Exit Strategy, by Stephen Heusinger Coming soon...

Failure is Not an Exit Strategy, by Stephen Heusinger Coming soon...

Book Description:

Everyday companies and their leaders fail to capitalize on opportunities because they misunderstand the real sources of business success and have not considered the critical importance of simplifying corporate objectives and aligning the organization.

Based upon actual results achieved throughout his career, Stephen Heusinger shows managers how they can achieve spectacular results merely by challenging some of the conventional thinking and processes within today’s business environment. Failure is Not An Exit Strategy contains examples, data, and Steve's insights that address typical managerial challenges within an organization, growth strategies, and cost saving initiatives. Much of the book gives easy to follow principles that can be adapted to almost any industry. 

This book is about optimizing corporate performanceby aligning the management team towards a commitment to success. It is about taking a fresh look at a business and actively pursuing new opportunities with existing assets.

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Author, Stephen Heusinger is an executive with over 20 years of leadership and senior management experience. He has worked within Fortune 500 companies, as well as built and sold several start-up ventures.

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